Simply unBEETable!

Eating vegetables is good for you. There, I’ve said it! All you need to do is learn how to prepare them for your taste. In general, preparing and cooking vegetables is fun…except when you’re short on time! That’s when ready-to-use vegetables can lend a tasty helping hand.

I’m especially fond of Florette Beet Julienne and Champêtre Diced Red Beets. No more cooking pots, peelers, red fingers. Say hello to crunchy, ready-to-use beetroot in salads, soups or muffins. In addition to being practical, these beet products are waste-free since all the contents of the bags are consumed. All you need to do is store the product properly and use it quickly once it’s been opened.

Prep saves time and gets the job done!

Sunday is my day to cook and get a head start on the week and take the opportunity to make muffins, a soup (sometimes two!) and at least two main meals. To make preparation easier and save time, I call on two essential allies: my slow cooker and ready-to-use vegetables. I always have a bag of vegetables prepared to make one of my recipes, which gives me back valuable time to spend with my family.

Do you hesitate to buy pre-cut vegetables because you fear they may contain fewer nutrients? Don’t worry. Even if they’ve lost some nutrients, such as vitamin C, they aren’t devoid of them. And remember that it’s better to have ready-to-use vegetables on your plate than no vegetables at all!

Recipes to try:

Beet juice for athletes

In the sports world, beet juice has been in the spotlight for some years now. Its natural nitrates are the attraction. Once they are transformed into nitric oxide (NO) by the body, they improve muscle performance (e.g., extend the time before exhaustion) and, by extension, sports performance. According to the literature, the effects are modest, especially in athletes where training is already maximized. However, it’s safe to use and may even improve performance in Sunday-morning athletes. In any case, beet is good for you in all its forms!

Are you familiar with the pink latte, the trendy beet-boosted latte?

After the golden milk craze – the famous turmeric latte – it’s now the beet latte’s turn to have its moment of glory. Prepared with beet (juice or powder) and milk or a plant-based vegetable drink, this pink beverage has gained in popularity through social media. Discover this caffeine-free alternative to coffee.

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